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    ADAcloud - Automatic Detection and Diagnosis Algorithm


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    5x faster data processing and fault detection compared to traditional methods

Automatic Algorithm to fault Detection and Diagnosis from Asensiot


Let Asensiot to process your data and lift up the faults so that your experts can focus more on realiability performance.


No bearing information needed for detection and diagnosis results

Verified field test results proves the performance of Asensiot algorithm.


Example 1

Number of measured (SKF microlog system) and diagnosed machines (electric motors) was over 200 pcs.  

ADAcloud detection rate 98,51 %
ADAcloud diagnosis rate 94,5 %


Example 2

Number of measured (SKF microlog system) and diagnosed machines (pumps, blowers and motors) was over 250 pcs.  

ADAcloud detection rate 99,33 %
ADAcloud diagnosis rate 94,04 %


As a result ADAcloud has performance that is similar to ISO certified analyst expert performance.


The example results were achieved without any bearing information and with rotating speed for the diagnosis. Also the use of rotating speed range is possible, but the rate of diagnosis will be 80% or above. Which is relatively good performance in case of starting the monitoring from the basic level.


Automated diagnosis with recommended actions will speed up the reporting work

Each automatic diagnosis can include a fixed proposal for recommended actions. These recommended actions are related to proposals in valid maintenance standards.

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Asensiot offers a complete cloud solution to all systems that provide the data in requested quality


Online systems

MEMS sensors (IIoT)

Route measurement systems


The performance of ADAcloud is directly determined by the quality of the data


Data Quality = Predictability


Optimal data to ADAcloud:

ADAcloud processes sampled and standardized data and only the relevant data is stored. This means remarkable savings with the data load.

Acceleration time waveform

•Sample length 2,56 s

•Sampling rate 12,8 kHz

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Asensiot user interface is a great option to start enjoying immediate results from the data processing


Asensiot solution is patented (pending).


The data can be continuously processed through the system integration or manually through the data import feature in Asensiot user interface

To create new data adaptation to ADAcloud is a very simple and quick task. Asensiot has already made adaptations for systems from significant suppliers in the market. For the system integrations and more detailed overview of our ADAcloud architecture, don´t hesitate to contact us.


File Format:

The file format is freely selectable by customers. For example, formats TXT, CSV, XML, JSON are suitable. The use of WAV is not recommended as the configuration information of measurement points is not transferrable in this format.


Asensiot solution is produced using latest software technology so that it is very flexible with the expectations from customers.


User interface combines maintenance knowledge and actions in an unique reporting tool

Asensiot reporting tool enables new innovative way to visualize results at knowledge level. The user interface also includes an option for management reporting and KPI´s. This option is always tailored for each specific needs.

Our vision steers us and our customers to success 


  1. There will be a solution that provides 24/7 results at least 50% cost efficient way in the  future. 
  2. Automatic, standardized and sampled way to process data from diagnosis to maintance actions will enable an easier and more realiable way to train AI for prognosis.
  3. Year 2020, new MEMS (IIoT) technology will achieve the level where the asset price,  data quality and predictability meet the market requirements.


All three topics are achievable with technology and the solution from Asensiot. We are ready for the challenge - are you?

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Asensiot is searching for a strong partner to share our technology, knowhow and the vision in the future



Let´s scale up business together